Ambergris Caye Dining

San Pedro is home to the largest number and variety of restaurants, delis, and coffee shops in the country. The vast majority of local dining establishments provide an array of seafood specialties to suit every taste with conch, shrimp, fish, and lobster delicacies being a staple component of almost any menu. Apart from standard seafood dishes, there are also establishments that specialize in traditional American cuisine, fine Italian food, Oriental, East Indian, Jamaican, and even Arabic cooking in addition to a considerable variety of local Creole and Hispanic dishes. In keeping with the global fast food trend; there are also a handful of good quality pizza delivery joints as well as an ever increasing number of popular beach barbeque venues. Prices and location suit every budget and lifestyle. From sophisticated candlelight dining to simple picnic tables on the beach, the atmosphere varies from elegant to that of simple relaxation.

In an attempt to provide a well-rounded view of the best that the island has to offer. The following listing consists of a diverse combination of some of the most popular establishments as well as some of those lesser known that also provide excellent value for money.